What is R.A.P.?

The purpose of Positive Behavior Support is designed to create a safe and positive climate to develop and support successful academic and social behaviors of the Boca Raton Community High School community 

The main goal is to celebrate positive behavior by rewarding students with different incentives throughout the year.

School-wide PBS is a systems approach for establishing the social culture and individualized behavioral supports needed for schools to achieve both social and academic success for all students.

Bobcat RAP

Bobcat RAP

Congratulations Bobcat RAP Student of the Week - Joshua Lanot

  • Bobcat R.A.P. is a positive behavior support system. Teachers "catch" a student behaving positively and enter their name into the Bobcat R.A.P. box located in the Teacher's Mailroom.
  • Once per week, on the weekly Bobcat News video presentation, Ms. Reagan pulls a winner from the box and awards them with a special prize of their choice.
  • Prizes have included Starbuck's gift cards, movie tickets, t-shirts, and more!  Get caught being awesome and get a chance to win!

Bobcat RAP