What is R.A.P.?

The purpose of Positive Behavior Support is designed to create a safe and positive climate to develop and support successful academic and social behaviors of the Boca Raton Community High School community 

The main goal is to celebrate positive behavior by rewarding students with different incentives throughout the year.

School-wide PBS is a systems approach for establishing the social culture and individualized behavioral supports needed for schools to achieve both social and academic success for all students.

Bobcat RAP

Our amazing winners this year are: 

10/8/2020 Adrian Torres
10/15/2020 Kimberly Umana
10/22/2020 Jasmine Abdullah
10/29/2020 John Koksalah
11/12/2020 Allyssia Hayes
11/12/2020 Lubin Sierra
11/19/2020 Liam Preston
12/1/2020 Brenda Nunes
12/8/2020 Jessi Ellerie
12/15/2020 Jovani Kukla
1/5/2021 Elijah Vazquez
1/8/2021 Coby Scallon
1/19/2021 Logan Grey
1/28/2021 Adrian Torres
2/4/2021 Katrina Sigalos
2/11/2021 Christian Whitting
2/18/2021 Sabrina Marks
2/25/2021 Bryson Welch
3/4/2021 Gabriela Carlo
3/4/2021 Spencer Martin
3/11/2021 Annie Mintz
3/11/2021 Raymond Burns
3/25/2021 Daniella Rodriguez
3/25/2021 Yana St. Louis
3/30/2021 Ernest McMullen
3/30/2021 Daphne Pearson-Martinez
4/7/2021 Maggie Boswell (BINGO WINNER)
4/7/2021 Ryan Davis (BINGO WINNER)
4/7/2021 Ayesha Hasiba (BINGO WINNER)
4/7/2021 Charlotte Joseph (BINGO WINNER)
4/7/2021 Ryan Steeghs (BINGO WINNER)
4/8/2021 Dresean Reid
4/8/2021 Iga Sawczuk
4/8/2021 Navika Timsina (senior cap/gown discount winner)
4/8/2021 Nicolas Burgos (Senior Cap/gown discount winner)
4/15/2021 Chloe Kruez
4/15/2021 Keegan Corcoran
4/20/2021 Victoria Kuehn
4/20/2021 Luto Innocent
4/27/2021 Ryan Bousquet
4/27/2021 Logan Messing
5/4/2021 Christian Whiting
5/4/2021 Nestor Rivera
5/21/2021 Taryn Ellison (Speaker)
5/21/2021 Fredrick Harris (Speaker)
5/21/2021 Jack Chiappetta (Speaker)
5/21/2021 Ann-Jahel Valcena (Speaker)
5/21/2021 Samantha Marquez
5/21/2021 Myerr Maurice
5/27/2021 Alessandra Coke
5/27/2021 John Samples

Bobcat RAP