School Counseling Department

2020-2021 School Counselor's Alpha

 Ms. Anderson  A, E, G, O, T, U  561-338-1441
Mr. Hinton/Dr. Beckford  B, K, Q, V, X  561-338-1404
 Ms. Carlo  H, I, M, Z  561-416-1676
Ms. Ibarra   ESOL Students 561-338-1545 
 Ms. Reagan  N, R, S  561- 416-1659
 Ms. Silversmith  C, D, J  561-362-4542
 Ms. Smith  F, L, P, W, Y  561-338-1507


We are your school counselors and look forward to working with all of you! Here is some of our contact information. We are here for your social and emotional support. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. If you would like to learn more about the BEST HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENT NORTH OF THE SOUTH POLE, please click below.

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