Paola Roy

Hello My Name Is...

Paola Roy

This is a picture of my kitten, Precious.

The picture above is of my little bobcat, Precious/Vicious--she is much better looking than I am!

I am a 2nd year Bobcat, but in my 6th year of teaching. This year, I am teaching World History, but I have taught a total of 7 different Social Studies subjects--Social Studies rocks! I have taught regular, Honors and Advanced Placement students. Prior to teaching, I worked in offices (boring), earned a Master of Arts degree from the University of Miami and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas, Austin. My family is from everywhere (I have a very mixed heritage), but I did most of my elementary years in NYC and my high school years in Haiti. What? Parlez-vous francais? Wi, mwen pale kreyol!

If you need to reach me, please email me at Also, don't forget that we can meet face-to-face at the Open House in September!

FYI, all student announcements/assignments are posted in Google Classroom and the access codes are posted at the top of the syllabus, but if you want a head start, here is the link to Google Classroom and the access codes (lower case only) that will allow you to join the appropriate Class (click on the + sign in top right of the web page to join):

Period 2 code is lwdrdsh
Period 3 code is h3jxn4
Period 5 code is kf97gd
Period 6 code is 3f0qfd
Period 7 code is ckb7aj