Student Clubs

Boca Raton High School’s student clubs are a fun way to create, learn, and explore! Clubs are faculty-sponsored, and are based on the interests of the student body as a whole. We encourage all students to take advantage of joining a club that will help you pursue your passions and interests.  Click on the link below to see a list of clubs that we currently have at Boca High.  Club Rush takes place each fall providing students with additional information pertaining to each club. Please note clubs are subject to change.

Boca High Studen Clubs

Please Click Here to view current clubs.  

There was a preview of some of our on campus clubs at Club & Team Rush on August 3rd.  Make sure to check out the Clubs List on our website, check out this section of the newsletter, and stay tuned for the on-campus Club Rush where you will be able to check out even MORE clubs.

Book Club

We offer our members an outlet to utilize their reading skills and expand their interests. Our goal is to provide students a peaceful and open environment to escape to while reading and create new friendships. LEADERSHIP POSITIONS OPEN

  • Meeting Days/Room: 1st Wednesday, 5-110
  • Meeting Time: 3:30 pm
  • IGbocahighbookclub
  • Remind: @brchsbook
  • Google Classroom: oxthb3b

There aren’t any books to read for the first meeting; just going to play games, vote on next month’s book and meet the new members

Connect4Cancer Club

Connect4Cancer unites the students at Boca Raton Community High School by raising cancer awareness through community outreach and fundraising for all cancers. Education, Advocacy, & Research can lead to CURES and we are the future of combating cancer!

  • Meeting Days/Room: Mondays, 8-121
  • Meeting Time: 3:30
  • IGbocahigh_connect4cancer
  • Google Classroom: ljbz3jf
  • Remind: @bocac4c
Debate Club

Learn & debate about current events, address important topics, gain public speaking skills, and grow your college resume!  Practice their speech, debate, and rhetoric skills in preparation for local and national forensic tournaments.

  • Meeting Days/Room: TBD
  • Meeting Time: TBD
  • Google Classroom: zcb75oc
  • IGbocahigh_debate
  • Remind: @brchsdb8
Makeup Club

One doesn't need makeup to be beautiful, makeup only highlights the beautiful features of one's face. Come learn new makeup techniques and skills!  OFFICER POSITIONS OPEN

  • Meeting Days: Every other week, Wednesday / 4-106D
  • Meeting Time: 7:30-8:00
  • IGbocahighmakeupclub
  • Google Classroom: oggodb5
  • Remind: @bocamakeup
Math Honor Society

Do you enjoy math and want to be a tutor?  Join Math Honor Society.

  • Requirement: Must be in Pre-Calc or above
  • Google Classroom: u6b4qbr
  • Meeting room: 4-303
  • Meeting days: Tuesday and Thursday
  • Meeting time: both lunches

Have questions? Please contact Ms. Jenness

Model UN

Models the UN. Students take on roles of the diverse nation members of the UN.


  • Meeting Days/Room: Every Other Tuesday / 8-125
  • Meeting Time: 3:30
  • IGbocamun
  • Remind: TBD
  • Google Classroom: jj3lz3b
Political Youth Club

To listen, to inform, and to come together, so we can make our world a better place. This is a NON-Partisan Club!

  • Meeting Days/Room: Thursday / 5-212
  • Meeting Time: 3:30
  • IGbocahighpyc
  • Google Classroom: ac5cerp
  • Remind@brchspyc 
Psychology National Honors Society
  • Juniors & Seniors....go to the Interest Meeting on Tuesday, August 31 at 3:30
  • Meeting Days/Room: Tuesday / 8-307
  • Meeting Time: 3:30
  • IG: TBD
  • Google Classroom: sv6paya
PTSA Student Involvement

Joining Remind will be super important for all members this year! 

  • Remind: text @ptsabh to 81010
  • Meetings: 1st Wednesday of every month, both lunches
  • Location: Band room

Receive community service for attending meetings and find out how to get involved, make a difference, and earn community service.

The FIRST meeting of the year will be held on September 1 and Dr. King will be the guest speaker.

Students Speak Up For Kids

Boca High Chapter - Student-led, project-based advocacy benefiting foster kids

  • Meeting Days/Room: Tuesday / 4-216
  • Meeting Time: 3:30
  • IGssufk_bobcats
  • Google Classroom: 3gsq4vt
  • Remind: @ssufk

Thank you to our AMAZNIG PTSA for gathering this information.