PTL (Permission to Leave)

PTL Instructions

Permission to Leave (PTL) - 
Taking a student out of school (doctor's appointment, etc)

  • A permission to leave (PTL) pass is required for a student to leave campus before the end of the day.  PTL passes are available for students to leave for doctor's/dentist appointments and/or emergencies.
  • Students must pick up their PTL from Student Services
  • PTLs will ONLY be given at
    • 9:20
    • 10:15
    • 1:31
    • 2:26
  • No PTLs will be issued after 2:26 pm.
  • PTL How to get a Permission to Leave (PTL) pass:  
    • Call Boca High - 5613381410
      • Must be made at least one hour prior to pick up time
      • The call can only be made by parent/guardian listed on student's paperwork.
      • The call must be made from a phone number on file in the student's record
      • Call the main number, choose #2 (Student Services), and tell them, "I would like to have my student (insert name here) have a PTL (Permission to Leave)." Or you may call Student Services directly at 561-338-1410. Make sure to communicate with your student.
  • NO PTLs BETWEEN 11:10-1:31

Permission to Leave (PTL) - Exam Day Procedures

  • All exam day PTLs must be called in or submitted in writing, to Student Services by a parent 24 hours in advance of the PTL time.
  • No PTL will be processed on the day of the exam.
  • No PTLs will be issued to release students from a test site during any testing time.
  • Students must come to Student Services to pick up the PTL the morning of the PTL. 
  • No PTLs will be delivered to test sites and students will not be permitted to leave a test site to pick up a PTL.
  • Upon return to school, PTLs must be returned to Student Services for the absence to be excused. The student must write their student number on the PTL