Please join me in congratulating the following students on a successful weekend in their district conference:

- Historian Scrapbook 1st place (Holly DeMaria)
- Parliamentary Procedure Team 1st place (Adriana Albornoz, Ayushi Goswami, Sydney Alembik and Reese Tierney)
- Speech Competition 3rd place (Sophie Martin)
- Talent Show 1st place (Christos Skoundridakis, Daylerh Campos, Luke Rosen and Sebastien Saint Louis) 
- Annabella Dlugos and Kaitlyn Thomas successfully finished their terms as District President and District Parliamentarian respectively 
- Kate Castaneda and Luke Rosen hosted breakout sessions to share their leadership knowledge with other schools in our district 

SGA is a class that every student who runs for class officer is required to be enrolled in.  Mr and Mrs. Boca High are members of the Leadership class along with student run committees that benefit multiple facets of the school including:
  • Fostering relationships between the students and faculty
  • Improving the image of the school with building, painting, and planting projects
  • Building School spirit with pep rallies, homecoming, and multiple other activities
  • Completing service projects within our community including playing games with the elderly, building book sharing libraries, mentoring children in local after school programs, and focusing on the environment
  • Support citizenship and multiculturalism among our study body
  • Provide opportunities to learn about health and safety, including social emotional health
  • UF Dance Marathon
  • Organize and facilitate pep rallies
  • Members of the SAC committee
  • More trophies at states at ANY school in the state of Florida in the past 10 years
  • Our students hold County, Regional AND State positions EVERY year.
For more information on SGA/Leadership, please click HERE.