Graduation Requirements 
Students must earn a grade point average of a 2.0 on a 4.0 scale to meet graduation requirements. Rank is based on the HPA, with 1.125 weight for honors courses and 1.5 weight for AICE and AP courses. There are 18-credit and 24-credit diploma options. Here are the graduation requirements for a 24-credit diploma options: English (4 Credits); Algebra/Mathematics (4 Credits); Biology (1 Credit); Physical Science (1 Credit); Science Elective (1 Credit); American History (1 Credit); World History (1 Credit); Economics (½ Credit); American Government (½ Credit); Physical Education (1 Credit); Practical/Performing Arts (1 Credit); Electives (8½ Credits). Earning an AICE Diploma from the University of Cambridge waives graduation requirements with the principal’s permission. 

Graduation Cords
Graduation Cords

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