Senior Important Dates


You are scheduled to graduate in May!  These last months of high school promise to generate many great memories.  Enjoy every moment, but do not lose sight of your goal to graduate on time and in good standing.

In February/March of 2023, we will release the Full Senior Important Dates at the Annual Senior Panoramic Picture but as of 1/24/23, here are the tentative dates for some fun and exciting events: 

These dates are subject to change
3/31:  Prom
4/6:  Senior Takeover Day
4/12: Senior Panoramic Photo
4/28: Grad Night
5/8: Cap and Gown Distribution
5/9: Senior Last Day
5/10-5/12: Senior Exam Make-Ups
5/16: Senior Graduation Rehearsal and Ticket Distribution
5/20: Graduation
5/20: Project Graduation after the Graduation Ceremony