Congratulations! Boca Raton Community High maintained their A-rating for the 2021-2022 school year.Boca Raton Community High graduation rate FY2020-21 is 89.7%Boca High Qualities of Excellence Wordle image: Kindness, Inspiring, Support, Compassion, Inclusion, Equality, Dedication, Heart, Acceptance, CommunityWe Dine Together ClubAICE Program: Boca Raton High School was the first school in Florida to offer the AICE program and is now the largest AICE program in the District, offering 31 courses. Cambridge Assessment International EducationBobcat Boys Soccer State ChampionshipPep Rally
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The Boca Raton Community High School mission is to develop knowledge, skills, and character that will empower our students for responsible citizenship, higher education successand productive employment. The school community will encourage students to reach their full potential by rewarding achievement, discipline, honor, leadership, respect, and service in all aspects of life.